• GreenEnergy Solutions, a sister company?of Greystone Asia Resources, Inc., understands the importance of?caring for the environment and providing our clients with energy efficient solutions that have attractive return on investments.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading pro green energy solutions company that best provides our clients the great rewards of investing in clean, renewable and efficient.

    We believe that it is everyone’s duty to ensure that we leave this earth in a better state than when we inherited it. By balancing our passion for sustainable engineering with economics, we offer cost-effective products that reduce your carbon footprint.


    Our Mission

    To design and provide technologically advanced solar solutions for our clients. As our economy prospers and rapidly develops, there is a need to have low emission development strategies in place to preserve our environment. Our?energy efficient line of products harness the power of the sun to address the delicate balance of sustainability and progress.

    Provide clients with an alternative tangible investment with high returns. Green and renewable energy is perhaps the most important industry in our time. It is a thriving and growing industry that gives back to it’s investor as well as to the community.

    Be an advocate for Environmental conservation and protection. We believe that it is our social responsibility to protect our environment by reducing our carbon emission. Partnering with our clients, we push for?solar sustainability?for our generation and future generations.

    Investing in a renewable, efficient and emission free energy system is the smartest decision — you are saving money and saving the planet!

    WHY US?

    Our GreenEnergy Team is led by highly trained professionals who are committed to renewable energy and sustainable development. We have licensed professional engineers, sustainability consultants, and investments consultants to help you decide on the right system and investment package.

    Solar Power in Bacolod – GreenEnergy Solutions pioneers net metering

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    First Net-Metered Solar Home in Ayala North Point

    GreenEnergy Solutions and CENECO Talisay with Ayala homeowners during the implementation of the First Net-Metered Home in Talisay City GreenEnergy Solutions powers the first implemented net-metered solar home of Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) in Talisay...
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    1. Solar Panels convert sunlight into clean, green Direct Current (DC) power.
    2. DC power is fed to the inverter to convert it into usable Alternating Current (AC) 220 volts, 60HZ power.
    3. AC power is now available for home use.
    4. Excess power goes back into the grid and registered by the net meter. Credits are then paid by your energy supplier.
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